Nox Brain


A cellular adventure inside the brain


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Nox Brain is a 'hack and slash' where you control a virus named Nox, whose mission is to infect the brain of a person to make him feel remorseful for all of his evil deeds.

In other words, Nox is actually a good virus, created by Professor Nox to help save planet Earth. In fact, the person who was infected is none other than the president of a company that is contaminating the planet and contributing majorly to its destruction.

Once you find yourself inside the brain, you'll need to run through the brain nodes battling all sorts of enemies representing by the body's immune system. And you'll have to pick up particles of your own virus along the way, to make you stronger.

The story behind Nox Brain is not the only unique thing here; its visual style, which is very colorful and full of details, is as well. Although the animations are a little clumsy, overall Nox Brain is quite attractive.

Nox Brain is an odd game with fun, creative gameplay and an intriguing story.
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